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A Permanent Continuing Record for Family Law


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Features and Benefits

The SIX LEDGER is a permanent record of the evidence to be relied on in the case.


SIX reduces the cost of Separation and Divorce. At $19.95 / file / year, SIX is less than the cost of one courier delivery!


Family Court/ADR in all countries are struggling with document & evidence disorganization. SIX is built as a solution for Family Law Professionals and self reps everywhere.

  eService of Court Documents

The only valid way to serve court documents electronically under the Ontario Family Law Rules. The future is now for secure eService.


Low cost & secure storage of the file for future use.

Customized Organization

Custom designed searching and sorting capabilities for property, income & expense disclosure, Court & ADR documents.

Self Reps can get organized for Court/ADR by using the same tool that Family Law Lawyers use.


Grant unique password access to Clients, Financial Experts, Courts & ADR. Documents are available anywhere & anytime from any device.


Every document added is date & time stamped on the Ledger. Proof in one click.

Additional Benefits for Mediators

SIX is Neutral

Each party or lawyer adds documents to the Mediator’s LEDGER.

SIX is Organized

Custom designed searching and sorting capabilities for property, income & expense disclosure and Court & ADR documents.

SIX is Accessible

Give ILA & experts access to the file with Unique Username and Passwords. Documents are available anytime & anywhere from any device

Other great features

SIX is Cross-Platform

You do not need to install any software. Six is completely web based and can be accessed from anywhere.

SIX is Safe and Secure

High level, best practices security and privacy standards. All documents are fully encrypted.

SIX is Permanent

Once a file is uploaded, it cannot be modified or deleted.



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